H1-B transfer process

Published: 07th October 2010
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H1B holder! Did you know that you can transfer your H1B Visa (H1B Work Permit) through the new company if your new company will to file for a petition with INS? Having H1-B transfer invoice., you will be able to have your existing one transfered towards the new sponsor, which means you don't have to go through a new H1B applying process once more.

In order to process H1-B Transfer, you will need the documents below: Copies of all yourprevious I-94 records, Copy of your Social Security Number (SSN), Your latest pay stubs, Copy of your current H1B work permitl, Copies of your Passport, Your Resume, Copy of your visa documents, and copies of all your Degrees/Diploma.

How long does it commonly take to process H1B tranfer?

It will take few weeks for Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to process your h1b tranfer petition after you submit the documents above. However, based on your location, the H1B processing time may be different. Also, there's no timefame or dealine for you to join the new sponsor. You can start your new occupation any time you are prepared and also there's no need for your to report your current employer regarding your H1-B transfer.

Please note: To be able to get a H1B permit, the sponsor must first file a Labor Condition of Application (LCA) with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and then submit a request for non immigrant individuals they wish to work with approved LCA and supporting record proof with the USCIS (Form I-129). The LCA filed through the company with the DOL offers information about the sponsor and agrees upon certain working situations. The employer have to provide the wage amount of the H1B employee, and also approve how the working situations are conducive for those workers. As soon as the approved LCA is returned by the DOL, the sponsor may submit a request for a H1-B permit using the ISCIS with right supportive files. H1B visas could be filed in 2 methods- either using the regular service, or using the premium processing service. The standard filing process takes lots of time, therefore sponsors searching for faster processing really should opt for the premium processing filing. The USCIS allows the provision for a H4 visa for the family of the applicant filing the H1B request. The H4 visa is a similar non immigrant visa that allows the holder to stay in the states for a specific period of time. Nevertheless, H4 holders aren't permitted to work in the usa. The H4 visa, nonetheless permits them to study in the united states. Oftentimes, the USCIS requires an evaluation of the qualifications of the applicant, to make sure that the candidate's degree is comparable to an U.S. diploma. The applicant must also present appropriate supportive files, such as degree records, marksheets, etc. This process continues on simultaneously with the LCA approval process, therefore it does not delay the approval process. Approximately after 4 to 10 weeks, there's a Receipt Notice of Action delivered to the company by the USCIS, indicating that they are starting the process, if they are having no problems with the document, they send an Approval Notice of Action within 30 to 90 days of the receipt notice. Sometimes, the USCIS might ask for certain clarification or documents prior to granting the request. Lastly, once the approval is obtained, the employee may begin working for the company in the U.S. after having their work permits released and stamped from the U.S. Embassy.

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